About Us

Hello! We're Sara (left) and Sarah (right), the creators of Bloom Body Co. We've been friends for 17+ years, and are both really passionate about a non-toxic lifestyle.

Several years ago, we started to educate ourselves on what toxic ingredients were in our everyday products. With our passion, and a ton of experimenting and researching- came our love for making natural products for ourselves and our families. We've always wanted to be small business owners, and thought what we were creating was really special, so we decided to take the dive! Over coffee in February of 2018, Bloom Body Co. came to fruition. 

We're now proud to provide effective products, that are hand-crafted with love and care in small batches. They are 100% toxin-free, and packed with skin nourishing, plant-powered ingredients. All while leaving you feeling pampered and luxurious!

It's also important to us that we reduce our environmental footprint as much as we can, which is why we only use recyclable/reusable packaging, including our beautiful glass jars for our product line.

Thank you for supporting small businesses!

Much love,

Sarah & Sara